Brooklyn, NY 2018

Brooklyn, NY 2018

The Basics

  • I was born in New Jersey, spent too long in Florida , and happy to call NYC home for 11+ years.

  • In a former life, I was a practiced law, with experience in both criminal and civil trial work.

  • Currently, I work at the intersection of law and technology. My focus is the analysis and deployment of next-generation knowledge and practice technologies, and strategies for increasing attorney adoption of this kind of tech. I'm excited about future of technology in all industries, but still believe people are the most powerful force.

  • My love music. I'm decent on keys, needlessly impressive on clarinet, and know 7-10 guitar chords (depending on the day.) I'm happiest when I'm singing.

  • While I draw strength from the roots of experience, heritage and education, I'm not one to glamorize the past. Instead, I'm reaching for all the incredible things I hope the future holds. Let's go and make it great!

Here’s where I’ll be…see you soon?